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    These photographs were noted to be of the Howell Rotary Club's efforts to complete renovations at the City of Howell Park on Thompson Lake.   The photographs are of the new pavilion, bathhouse, grills, a fountain, and bathroom; Thompson Lake is in the background of several photos.
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    This series of photographs are at the Howell City Park Shelter Formal Dedication, October, 1963.  The new Picnic Park Shelter was built from donations raised by the Howell Rotary Club, Howell, Michigan, and cost $1700. 

    Rotary Club President was William Christopherson, Project Manager was Dr. Louis Eaton, and Howell Mayor and Rotarian was Clifton Heller.

    Photograph 0061 is William Christopherson, 0062 is Louis Eaton, 0062 is William Christoperson and clergy, 0066 is unknown, Louis Eaton and William Christopherson, and 0067 is Clifton Heller and Willliam Christopherson.
  • Les Stiner

    Rotary Christmas Party, Howell, Michigan - 1983
  • unknown, unknown, Zemper, Mrs. Zemper, Clift Heller

    These photographs were taken during Ladies' Night, at the Howell Rotary Club.  It was held at the Masonic Hall over 1st National Bank, 101 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.  In the pictures are Dwayne Zemper, his wife Tillie, Clifton Heller, Bill McPherson, and Chris Christopherson.
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