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    This is a portrait of Robert L. Willett, President and Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank of Howell, Michigan.  Mr. Willett was the campaign drive chairman of the Howell Area Community Chest in 1973.
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    This collection of photographs were taken on January 6th, 1970 during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of employment at Citizens Mutual Insurance Company for Berthold Woodhams.   The Reception was held in the cafeteria of Citizens Mutual Insurance Company.

    Mr. Woodhams started at Citizens in 1920 as an adjustor.  He later was President, and served as Chairman of the Board.  Friends and family from Howell and many other cities across the state came to celebrate this Anniversary.

    In Photograph, 0036, Mr. and Mrs. Berthold Woodhams are featured.  They are also seen in many of the other photographs, including a reception line.  The names of the other people are unknown.

    View Livingston County Press January 14, 1970 Article (In Library Use Only)
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    This is a portrait of Richard Lane, McPherson Hospital, President and CEO, Howell, Michigan,  1981.
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