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    A Conversation with Richard Lane, Jim Young, and Peter Baldwin - What happens when you gather a Mayor, Hardware owner and a hospital administrator Great stories about familiar faces, local places, hometown aces.

    Richard Lane was the Administrator for McPherson Hospital, Howell, Michigan 1970-1982.

    Jim Young was a 1953 graduate of Howell High School, Howell, Michigan, owner of Howell Auto Parts, Howell, Michigan and mayor of Howell, Michigan 1975-1985.

    Peter Baldwin was a 1953 graduate of Howell High School, Howell, Michigan and a 3rd generation ower of Baldwin Hardware, Howell, Michigan.

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    In 1964, the first graduates of the McPherson Health Center School for Practical Nursing, Howell, Michigan, received their diplomas in a ceremony at Hawkins Elementary School Brighton.   The graduates were twenty-one women.  The School for Practical Nursing was sponsored by the McPherson Health Center where classes were held, and by Brighton and Howell Public Schools.  It was  funded by government funds under the Manpower Retraining Act through 1966.   All of the graduates passed their state board examination and were eligible to be licensed by the State Board of Nursing as Licensed Practical Nurses.   The School for Practical Nursing graduated their last class in 1987.

    In this 1964 photograph, the School of Practical Nursing Class honors its graduating class in the traditional white uniform dress.

    Standing back:  Tami Alexander, unknown, Dorothy Yeagle, unknown, Sydney Morse, Susan Haynes, unknown, unknown, unknown

    Middle row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mary Bugard Korsgren, unknown

    Front Row: unknown, Elaine Woodruff, Emily Janet Rohrabacher, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown
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    Michigan State Sanatorium, Howell State Hospital, Hillcrest Center, Howell, Michigan. In 1890, the Michigan State Board of Health petitioned the state Legislature for money to create and support a Michigan State Sanatorium to care for patients suffering from tuberculosis.

    In 1905, the State legislators approved $20,000 for land acquisition and one year of operating expenses.(HCDL-bd-Healing-Place-Howell-Sanatorium_m.mp4)
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    This is a photograph of a police car and two unknown individuals taken in front of the City of Howell Police Station, 121 North Michigan Avenue, Howell, Michigan.

    It shows the intersection of North Michigan Avenue and East Clinton Street, and in the background is McPherson Memorial Hospital.  Note the brick roadway that is Michigan Avenue.
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    Photographs of Brighton Hospital, Brighton, Michigan, 1982.  The address was 12851 East Grand River Avenue, Brighton.
  • HCDL-ngp-H005-05-0055_u.jpg

    This is a portrait of Richard Lane, McPherson Hospital, President and CEO, Howell, Michigan,  1981.
  • Unknown maintenance person

    Photographs of labeled McPherson Hospital, Howell, Michigan in 1958. The persons in most of the photographs are unknown.

    McPherson Memorial Hospital  operated from 1928 to 1958 in the converted mansion given to the City of Howell by the McPherson family, which was located on North Michigan Avenue.  In 1958, McPherson Community Health Center opened as a brand new hospital at 620 Byron Road, Howell, Michigan.
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    McPherson Hospital was located on N. Michigan Ave and Clinton St in Howell, Michigan in 1955
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    This is a photograph of Mellus Hospital, 218 East Grand River Avenue, Brighton, Michigan.  Mellus Hospital was built by Dr. Horace Mellus, and dedicated on February 11, 1931. 

    Mellus Hospital was later the Christian Education Building of the Presbyterian Church, then Michigan Bank, then Leah Gold, and finally became the home of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce for Brighton.
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    Exterior view of a fire escape at McPherson Hospital in 1953
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