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  • HCDL-ngp-F001-02-0004_u.jpg

    This is a photograph that shows a banner, "Livingston County Fair, Short Ship Races, September 23 -25", 1912.

    Activities along Grand River Avenue included sack races, three-legged races, and a race for elderly gentlemen.

    A similar image was included in "Images of America: Howell" by David D. Finney and Judith L. McIntosh, Arcadia Publishing, 2013, page 102.

    Grand River Avenue in 1912 was unpaved.
  • Left to Right: Judge David Gee, Judge Bert Hensick, Judge Donald Rink, unknown at Livingston County Courthouse, Michigan.

    Judge Stan Latrielle Swearing in Ceremony at the Livingston County Courthouse, Howell, Michigan- 1983. A reception (unknown location) followed and a celebration was held at Judge Stan Latrielle's house afterward.

    In 1982, he ran for Judge for the 44th Circuit Court in Livingston County, Michigan. He held that position for 26 years, 1983-2009.

    Stanley J. Latrielle 1937 - 2009.
  • HCDL-P002-1990-Library-Bookworm_u.jpg

    Howell Carnegie District Library Bookworm, Mr. McLong, in Melonfest Parade, Howell, Michigan - 1990.  Kids participating in summer reading were able to be a part of Mr. McLong marching in Melonfest parade. Looking east on Grand River Avenue in front of Livingston County Courthouse, Michigan.
  • HCDL-P002-1994-Melons-Vine_u.jpg

    Melons on the Vine for Melonfest, Howell, Michigan - 1994

    Caption: Melons still on the vine will soon be making an appearance @ the melon fest. Gallery They're Here....
  • HCDL-P002-1988-Melonfest-Race_u.jpg

    Runners in Melonfest Race - 1988
    Participants unknown.
  • HCDL-P002-1987-Kids-Rides_u.jpg

    Kids Ride During Melonfest, Howell, Michigan - 1987.

    Caption: Kelly Rumohr (4) squeals with delight on one of the kids' rides.
  • HCDL-P002-1987-Dominos-Wagon_u.jpg

    Domino's Pizza Wagon Pulled by Miniature Horses in Melonfest Parade in Howell, Michigan - 1987.  The wagon is carrying (Left to Right) Former State Representative Tom Sharpe, State Senator Fred Dillingham, and State Representative Susan Grimes Munsell. The location is in front of the Livingston County Courthouse, Howell, Michigan. Viewing east on Grand River.  Can see signs for  Clark station, Howell Theater, Sunoco Station, Antiques Mall, and Amber Lounge.
  • HCDL-P002-1985-Miss-America_u.jpg

    Miss America 1955 Lee Merriweather in Melonfest Parade in Howell, Michigan - 1985. Swanns storefront is visible in the background. The parade is on Grand River Avenue. View of current building.
  • HCDL-P002-1983-Melonfest-HHSBand_u.jpg

    Howell High School, Howell, Michigan Pom-pom Squad Leads Band in Melonfest Parade - 1983. Viewing east on Grand River. Can see the United Way sign on the left.
  • HCDL-P002-1982-Watercraft_u.jpg

    Thurmond Auto Team in the Salty Dog Landlubber People Powered Contraption Race Held at Thompson Lake During Melonfest, Howell, Michigan - 1982
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