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  • HCDL-C003-01-0004_u.jpg

    Choir of the First Baptist Church in Howell, Michigan

    unknown people or date
  • HCDL-C003-01-0003_u.jpg

    Easter Sunday in old wooden First Baptist Church on Church Street in Howell, Michigan. Reverend Meeden standing in the middle in the back of church. Rest of people are unknown.
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S30-96_m.pdf

    Abstract for Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 31 and SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 30 and SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section 29 1972

    Names Mentioned

    Brighton Woods
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S30-76_m.pdf

    Abstract for Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 30 1840-1929

    Names Mentioned

    Joseph Collins,Mary Collins,Melisa Crout,Rex Crout,Jessie Smith,Maggie Crout,Edna Selesky,Willis Lyon,Phidelia Case,Ira Case,Clio Case,Bartow Case,Myrtie Case,Alta Placeway,Mable Patterson,Alta Case,Mable Case,Blanche Case,Charles Placeway,Abbie Placeway,William Stuhrberg,William Winklehaus,Bertha Winkelhaus,J Steadman,Henry Sawyer,Helen Stuhrberg,John Tanner,Emma Tanner,Thomas Leith,Ethel Leith,Mr Case,Mr Burch,Leith's Subdivision,E Burch,O Burch,Samuel Dakens,H Boget,Henry Boget,William Cushing,Alanson Dickerson,Richard Lyon,W. J. Gould & Company,J. M. Bour Company,Henry Graves,Brighton Housing Corporation,Wells Walker,Pauline Walker,Arthur Stewart,Gilbert Frawley,Wilen Easterday,Gwendolyn Easterday,Dant And Reynolds Lumber Company,William Benham,Amelia Benham,Willis Lyons,Fred Day,Fidelity Bank & Trust Company,Rudolph Reichert,Amelia Simmons,William Simmons,Albert Simmons,Lulu Darrow,Lulu Simmons,Hazel Ely,Hazel Simmons,Pat Sharkey,Ella Sharkey,James Harwick,Grace Thompson,Sumner Ross,Robert Thompson,James Noble,Benjamin Cushing,Wm Balch,Ambrose Spencer,William Noble,James Waits,Rosana Williams,William Williams,William Mcchench,Samantha Lee,Samuel Conely,Peter Lock,William Lee,W. O. Lee & Company,Fidelity Trust Company,Standard Trust Company,John Valentine,Sidney Miller,A Clark,Robert Park,Harold Foster,D Sackett,Jay Sweeney,John Hagman,Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company,Untied Lumber & Supply Company,Frank Smith,James Tilley,James Edgerton,Charles Whitmore,Harry Church,John Murphy,John Mclaren,Farmers State Savings Bank,Gilbert Frowley,Ansel Townsend,Fred Stuhrberg
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S27-07_m.pdf

    Abstract for Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan E 1/2 of SE 1/4 and E 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Section 27 1836-1924

    Names Mentioned

    Joseph Flanders,Samuel Ketchum,Isaac Platt,Robert Lane,C Bush,Minerva Bush,Richard Lyon,Charles Bush,Levina Ketchum,Eliza Flanders,Franklin Parker,Luther Beach,Mary Beach,Cyrenus Morgan,Margaret Morgan,Davis Fisher,Diantha Houghtaling,David Fisher,Frank Fisher,Eugene Stone,Chas Judson,Marion Platt,William Brown,Mary Brown,Samuel Sheffield,Polly Sheffield,Timothy Warner,Ellen Lane,Jejemima Pye,Edward Livingston,Margaret Livingston,Lucretia Warner,Diantha Buck,F Bidwell,Eugene Stowe,Edward Whalen,Charles Morgan,Thressa Morgan,Cyrenius Morgan,Ada Morgan,Harry Morgan,Leta Morgan,Florence Whalen,H Warner,Laura Warner,Pure Oil Company,Elias Withey,Calvin Goodspeed,Chas Morgan,E Whalen
  • HCDL-BrightonTwp-S20-23_m.pdf

    Abstract for Brighton Township, Livingston County, Michigan E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 20 1967-1971

    Names Mentioned

    Hope Lake Park Subdivision,John Hope,Charlotte Hope
  • Viewing Northeast at Information Desk in 2015

    Photographs After 2015 Renovations of Howell Carnegie District Library, Howell, Michigan

    View September 4, 2015 Livingston Daily Press & Argus Article (In Library Use Only)
  • HCDL-L002-0023_u.jpg

    Original Fountain at Howell Carnegie District Library, Howell, Michigan -1910
  • HCDL-L002-0022_u.jpg

    Sunday Afternoon Drive Starting at Howell Carnegie District Library, Howell, Michigan - 1916

    unknown people in car. Writing on back of photo says they might make it to Fowlerville, Michigan without a flat tire.
  • HCDL-L002-0021_u.jpg

    Margaret Bolotnik Sorting New Oak Card Catalog at Howell Carnegie District Library, Howell, Michigan - February 27, 1991
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