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  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N059_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of the storefronts at 201, 203 and 205 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.  In the 1930's, 201 was a hardware store, 203 was Winkelhaus Floral Company, and 205 was a funeral parlor owned by John MacDonald.  Note Grand River Avenue is paved with bricks.
  • HCDL-gn-Teeple-N058A_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of A. Garland, and Bennett Hardware Stores, 121 -123 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.  The intersection of West Grand River Avenue and South Walnut Street are in view with the Walnut Street Methodist Church in the background.   Horses and carriages are on Walnut Street, and the streets are unpaved.  The year is prior to 1915.
  • Building lower right: Sutton's Hardware, formerly the Opera House

    These photographs were taken likely in the 1940's and is the  streetscape of West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan.
    The cars are angle parked, and the view looks northeast with the storefronts on the north side of the 100 block of West Grand River Avenue in view, and the Livingston County Courthouse in the background.
  • US Senator Charles Potter, Mayor Cliff Heller, unknown, 100 block of West Grand River Avenue

    These photographs were taken upon the visit to Howell Michigan by U.S. Senator Charles E. Potter, July 12, 1958.  He is greeted by Mayor Cliff Heller.

    Senator Potter is in Howell for the Dedication of the newly opened camp, Nazarene Haven, on North Burkhart Road, Howell, Michigan.  These photographs were taken at the luncheon held at Eager's Restaurant for "Republican workers".

    Nazarene Haven Camp dedication (inlibraryuseonly)

    The photographs were taken during the luncheon and show the interior of Eager's Restaurant.  The photograph on the sidewalk was taken in front of the restaurant, and in the background is Spagnuolo's Store, Sutton's Hardware, and the intersection of West Grand River Avenue and Walnut Street.
  • HCDL-gn-Pinckney32_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of the Reason & Shehan Hardware store, Pinckney, Michigan. The sign on building is General Hardware and Agricultural Implements and also mentions buggies. The Sigler building is to the right of the hardware store.
  • HCDL-gn-Pinckney28_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of the Reason and Shehan Hardware Pinckney, Michigan (Later the Clark Store).
  • HCDL-gn-Pinckney05_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of Main Street, Pinckney, Michigan in the 1920's.  The store to the left is Reason and Shehan Hardware Store, which later was Clark store.
  • HCDL-bd-George-W-Reason_u.jpg

    He was a well known businessman in Pinckney, owning a hardware store as well as selling buggies and farm machinery. His farm was near the Putnam and Unadilla Township, Livingston County, Michigan line. Reason road is in that area.

    In addition to the hardware business Mr. Reason also sold coal, but his chief interest was in the sale of buggies and farm machinery. He left the store work to others. He traveled the country in his horse and buggy selling his favorites. He sold more buggies than any other dealer in the section, his sales some years being over 300. The same held true for farm machinery. He would take (customers') old buggies and machinery in trade for stock or anything of value.

    The buggies used to come all wrapped in paper to prevent marring...53 buggies in 70 days was one record.

    There were many stories told of him. One illustrates his shrewdness. At one time the country farm advertised for bids for a binder. Mr. Reason's bid was lowest and he got the sale. He sent for a man named Corwin to set it up, who told the following story. He found Mr. Reason had sold the binder at cost and said, "I don't see where you make anything on this." Mr. Reason said, "Wait and see." When the poor farm superintendent came for the binder, he had a lumber wagon which Mr. Reason loaded with pitchforks, shovels and hardware, a year's supply for the farm. Then he turned to the machinery company man and said, "Now do you see the profit in that binder?"

    Mr. Reason was quite a builder. He built the W.H. Meyer Building which was his store, the Lee Lavey store and the building formerly occupied by the tavern. He also built a roller skating rink on the site later occcupied by the bowling alley. This burned in 1921.

    (This information was gathered by a descendant, Dorothy Reason Malette).

    His wife was Sarah Barley Reason. They had three daughters and two sons.
  • HCDL-bd-Conversation-Dick-Lane-Jim-Young-Pete-Baldwin_m.jpg

    A Conversation with Richard Lane, Jim Young, and Peter Baldwin - What happens when you gather a Mayor, Hardware owner and a hospital administrator Great stories about familiar faces, local places, hometown aces.

    Richard Lane was the Administrator for McPherson Hospital, Howell, Michigan 1970-1982.

    Jim Young was a 1953 graduate of Howell High School, Howell, Michigan, owner of Howell Auto Parts, Howell, Michigan and mayor of Howell, Michigan 1975-1985.

    Peter Baldwin was a 1953 graduate of Howell High School, Howell, Michigan and a 3rd generation ower of Baldwin Hardware, Howell, Michigan.


    Mentioned in the video:

    • Dodge showroom
    • Ration Board
    • Orly Young
    • WWII
    • Scrap drives
    • Baldwin Hardware
    • George Dunn
    • General Douglas MacArthur
    • Mike Hagman
    • Veterans' Memorial
    • Livingston County Fair
    • Catrell Street
    • Thureson Lumber
    • class reunions
    • Howell High School
    • Michigan Avenue
    • post office
    • Bob Lynn
    • John Page
    • Kris Christopherson
    • Sibley Street
    • Pinckney
    • Charlie Culver
    • Young Motor Sales
    • Howell Recreation Center
    • Joanne Faye
    • Lyman Faye
    • Howell Lake
    • Paul Bennett
    • Chemung Hills Country Club
    • Howard Gentry
    • Stan Dickson
    • Boy Scouts
    • Howell Armory
    • Howell Auto Parts
    • St. Joseph Catholic Church
    • Bob White
    • Standard Oil gas station
    • Howell Rotary Club
    • Troop 63
    • Marsh Dayton
    • Dick Yost
    • Bert Woodhams
    • Citizen's Insurance
    • Charlie Sutton
    • Family Restaurant
    • Eager's Restaurant
    • Midget Restaurant
    • Martin Lavan
    • Don Monroe
    • First National Bank
    • McPherson Hospital
    • Moe, the barber
    • Ed Garland
    • Clifton Heller
    • Heller's Flowers
    • Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority Board
    • Dick Slayton
    • Archives of Howell
    • Bicentennial History book
    • Howell Fire Department
    • Rad Tucker
    • Don Williams
  • HCDL-bd-howell-downtown_u.jpg

    This is a photograph of downtown Howell, Michigan.   The view is looking west on Grand River Avenue at the intersection of Walnut Street. 

    At 201 West Grand River Avenue, is the Schroeder-Rutka Hardware Store.  The building was built by Fred P. Schroeder about 1911; it is a brick building, 25 x 132 feet, two stories, with a basement and warehouse on the west side. 
    In March 1886, Fred P. Schroeder began the hardware business at Howell, and was located in the Cardell block just across the street north.  In 1911, the business was reorganized and incorporated under the name Schroeder-Rutka Hardware Company.  Fred Schroeder was president, J.H. Rutka, vice president, and J.J. Rutka was secretary-treasurer.   The Library of Congress Sanborn Fire Map for 1911, lists from east to west on the southside of Grand River Avenue, the hardware store, a stock room, undertaker, bike shop, Wickman Wire Works, print shop and produce shop.

    While the date of this photograph is unknown, in the distance is the First Presbyterian Church. The new church was built and began to be occupied in 1915.
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